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Thread: Questions About A P2p

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    Ive looked everywhere about this new p2p program(Ares) I picked up. I was just wondering if sig2dats can be used on this program? The program is more or less the same as KL. So if someone could help me I would apprieciate it.

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    If it is more or less the same, other then the fact that not as many people have it, why not just use k-lite?
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    never heard of it

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    dont know much about this but according to sharedholder's thread here it looks like it does support hash links

    other threads here too

    moved to 'other related p2p..'

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    I was asking because its new and by the sounds of it KL may not be to safe right now and not many ppl have heard of Ares. Right now there are 137,012 users and 20,606,757 files(104,775 GB) The speeds are great for what there is to find.

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    ty sharedholder's thread helped


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