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Thread: Windows Media Center Edition

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    I was thinking of upgrading my XP to MCE, since i watch movies alot on the computer, what do you guys think? has anybody used it, post the pro's and con's thanx

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    Why does microsoft say that media center can only be used with a media center enabled pc. I dont know much about media center but i see a lot of people are installing it without having to have a media center enabled pc.

    I would like to know the pros and cons as well

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    I had a copy for a bit, but after asking here and another forum I nixxed the idea, your computer can't handel all the fuctions and you would be better off installing XP then add plus! I forsee problems if you install mce OS

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    Originally posted by LSA@6 February 2004 - 03:55

    im going to bed now B)

    edit: i forgot this

    Whats next?


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