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Thread: Burning Cds Question

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    Does anyone know how to keep the title and artist name on the track you are about to burn on the CD. When I burn the tracks no title or artist name is listed on the CD only Track #. I hate that. Am I missing something? I have not found a way to retain the track information while burning it. Also is their a way to print a playlist in Windows Media Player? I don't want to buy anything. Any suggestions would be appreciated :helpsmile:

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    I don't burn many audio CDs, but maybe if you choose to make an MP3 CD.
    Maybe the .cda (CD Audio) tracks can't hold the info while being encoded from other formats like mp3.
    If that's the case then burning an MP3 disk, which can hold well over a hundred songs, can sustain that info because it's not being encoded or anything like that.
    Of course you couldn't play it in a regular CD Player, but MP3 CD players are common.

    Again, I'm not sure.

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