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Thread: Verified Quicklinks With Opera Browser

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    I am using the latest Opera browser.
    When I click a verified quicklink, I get an error.

    When I use Internet Explorer, and click a verified quicklink, it automatically adds the file into my traffic.

    Does anybody know how to fix this problem with Opera?

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    You need to right click the "Quicklink" in Opera and select "Copy Shortcut Address"...
    That works for ed2k links...dont know about kazaa hashes and anyways who uses kazaa hashes?theyre a dying

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    go here or you can find more info on my forum at kltforums

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    Thanks for the links.
    With a little searching, I finally figured it out.

    When you are in Opera, you have to go to Prferences in the file menu.
    Then, you go down to Programs and paths.
    In the Protocols section, click Add.
    Then, just enter sig2dat in the protocol field.

    It works!

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    emm yes all of that was in my forum


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