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Thread: Oh Well.....

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    It would be easier to feel sorry for Sharman if they hadn't let the network go to sh*t and then torpedoed KL++ as a capper. Bad as this news is for p2p users, I say good riddance.

    Record industry enforcer raids Kazaa offices
    UPDATE: MIPI raids Sharman Networks, Brilliant Digital Entertainment
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    I say good riddance
    to what?

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    a well
    Kazaas all but dead. The only thing that can save the Fasttrack network is if the open-source hackers who reversed engineered Kazaa can fix the network.

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    In less important file-sharing news, the headquarters of Kazaa (based in Australia) was overrun by music industry lawyers armed with an Anton Pillar order. (I think it was Lord Acton who said "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely"... but somehow I don't think that's directly related to what an Anton Pillar order is.)

    Anton Pillar orders allow a copyright owner to enter and search premises and inspect documents. In short, they get to go on a legal fishing trip to attempt to FIND copyright violations.

    yet another Articles about this is here:,00.html

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    Originally posted by TheCanuk@6 February 2004 - 20:08
    to what?
    To Sharman, of course! The only down side is that their demise frees up RIAA resourses to harass productive apps like eMule, SoulSeek and BT.
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