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View Poll Results: Waiting or watching it grow ?

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  • Wait until it's completed

    12 17.91%
  • Let's get started and watch it grow

    55 82.09%
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Thread: Poll: Waiting Or Watching It Grow

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    Nov 2003
    Time for a little poll about the boards future. I talked to VB, Paul and Error about making a big step forward and got only positive feedback so far.

    At, we have two choices:

    1.) We can wait until all areas are completed
    2.) We could start right away and watch the site / forum grow.

    What changes:

    The KL Board becomes a P2P related community. This includes a download area, headlines, news, articles, sub content like top 20 singles / albums, security, privacy, graphics, music, videos, movies, shareware / freeware / software / hardware areas and much more.

    More details are here

    Please vote and let us know if you want to wait until everything is done or if you prefer to watch it grow.

    We all know that many people will complain but we also know that many others will enjoy it.

    Now it's up to you if you how fast this happens.

  2. Everything Related to the Board   -   #2
    Let's get started and watch it grow !!!

  3. Everything Related to the Board   -   #3
    Forum Star
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    May 2003
    Bonnie Scotland
    same here, watch it grow

  4. Everything Related to the Board   -   #4
    Its magic baby!
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    Nov 2003
    I go for watch it grow to, i think its better than watching this forum die.


  5. Everything Related to the Board   -   #5
    FvKin GeniuS :D
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    Mar 2003
    Lets get started any watch is grow

    I cant wait
    Board rule: max 500x150 Pixels (w x h)

  6. Everything Related to the Board   -   #6
    Out of The Ordinary
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    Feb 2003
    I can wait....well a day or two anyway
    Looking forward to see this!


  7. Everything Related to the Board   -   #7
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    Jan 2004
    i think i can wait

  8. Everything Related to the Board   -   #8
    namzuf9's Avatar Poster
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    Jan 2003
    The Armpit Of The Universe.
    The tide of changes' a turning.
    Your right 7th, a lot of the old time regulars my complain but on the assumption that the main board area will still remain more or less the same then I dont see the big deal about it.
    I've been a member here for a year and although I never have posted on a regular basis I cant think of a week thats gone past without me popping in. It would sadden me to see a few members leaving us. But the upshot is there it will bring more people in.

    Anyways enough of the waffle! Although opening up the areas before completion may make it appear to be a half assed attempt at building the site to newbies to the site/forum it'll be cool to watch it grow from an idea to potentially the biggest filesharing disscusion board/site in exsistence.

    Go For It!!!

  9. Everything Related to the Board   -   #9
    Watch it grow. At least that way you can see what works in each area and maybe modify if needed. Besides, for those who will complain about the changes, all at once may kill them

    Peace of mind Findnot

    No time to work out? Try Folding instead.

  10. Everything Related to the Board   -   #10
    Go fot it! We will get enough visitors who will get exposed to this new idea.

    Lets watch it grow!
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