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Thread: Abc Problem

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    I want everyone to check your Task Manager processes after you close ABC and see if it's still running. Mine always does, and that's a hefty piece of RAM it holds on to. Quite a bug.

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    What version are you using? I'm not using ABC anymore, but it never gave me that kind of trouble. I find Azureus is more capable for my needs. But, maybe you should check out the new version 2.6.2. Or if you're already using it, then downgrade. I think the new version has a few bugs, but I heard they were only aesthetic, like wrong version numbers.

    ABC 2.6.2 download page
    The main site still hasn't updated yet.
    ABC's download page


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    I have the same problem with Shareaza. I think it could be because it still keeps the Uploads going. So u have to manually close it.
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    yep i just end the process with abc.. not too much of a problem.
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