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Thread: Little Help...

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    (if I posted this in the wrong part, please move)

    Ok, I doubt this can be helped or not, but I guess its worth a try... At the moment I'm downloading one of the linux live cds, and when the download starts, it'll say its going at 313 KB/sec, then it'll drop way down to 86.5 kb/sec in about 10 seconds. Now this happens every single time I try to download something off the internet, and it realy sucks when its a big file, because something that would have taken 40 minutes, will now take 2 hours .

    (i have DSL, which connects through my ethernet port in the back of my computer, and my modem is a "westell wirespeed")

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    are you downloading anything else? if not this its just something you will have to deal with

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    Nah i'm not...... My ISP is Verizon , so thats probably my problem .

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    Are You downloading through FTP?


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    I have the problem too, exept my downloads start off at 400KB and go down to about 150KB, its your ISP lowering your download speeds.

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    Have you tried using download managers that make multiple connections i.e. flashget?

    just incase the downloads on the servers r capped

    only other thing i can think of if it isnt ur isp

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    Download speeds will vary depending on the amount of bandwitdh the server has to allocate for each connection.

    When you connect you may get full bandwitdh for a few moments and then it will gradually decrease to a really low bandwitdh or a lot less than before. That's because you are being brought down to the level of bandwitdh that you are actually "allowed" And as more and more clients connect to get the same file as you, that also will decrease your download speeds. If you were offering a file to be downloaded by the public, Im sure you would not want 1 person out of hundreds to be getting all the bandwitdh, thus you allocate the bandwitdh for each client so it can be dispersed evenly.

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    I think he said that to perfection. Nothing more to be added :music1:
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