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Thread: Kceasy

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    I don't know if this has already been discussed, but.....
    I just installed KCeasy 0.9 and it works fine!
    Does anybody know a good forum for software add-ons like KL extentions for k++
    or a forum where I can dl/search for these kind of programs ?

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    well about the only "add on tools" you can use with kceasy are peerguardian and avipreview
    to download from sig2dat links you must search for the hash:
    It takes a hash of the form
    "MD5:<hex-encoded-data>" or "FTH:<base64-encoded-data>"
    example: FTH:=2JLiw7EjSuPPx64cc0CzjtwYWDI=

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    so it seems there are only a few add ons available for this proggy, does anybody know if mammoth has more add ons ? or more functions ?


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