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Thread: Am I The Only One That Noticed...

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    look in the apps section. Almost all of the windows torrents are gone.
    look in the games section. All of the xbox torrents are gone.

    Did something happen?

    edit: forgot to add that all of the MS office torrents are gone too

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    Have a read through the Suprnova forums...youll find the reason why in there.
    I guess Suprnova dont want any trouble from Bill Gates and his Merry Men

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    You're not alone I noticed it too while searching for a copy of office 2003

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    I recently caught a nasty virus when trying to download an office 2003 keygen that couldn't be cleaned with norton antivirus 2003. Because the 2003 version doesn't scan for viruses right away once a file is downloaded, I think this is how the virus is able to penetrate norton antivirus. What I should have done next was to force instant reboot, but I didn't. I ended the antivirus program to restart because antivirus froze the computer because it couldn't clean the virus. The virus messed up systems file once I ended the antivirus. Damn. I had to reinstall the whole system. Now I have my whole hard drive cloned with norton ghost. I hope this will do the trick. So microsoft has the upper hand afterall over norton because they wrote the damn windows. They know exactly how to disable Windows even though Norton is pretty good at protecting systems. Blasted Bill Gates. Doesn't he have enough money already? Why does he have to do this?

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    That sounds weird, but then again, I wouldn't trust Norton with my nephew's Speak N' Spell.

    AVG This anti-virus actually works. 7.0 isn't a system hog and catches more than Norton, or try the free version. Norton has caused me nothing but trouble.

    Or you should've checked out Error's NOD32 stand-alone virus scanner. NOD32

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    You&#39;re not alone I noticed it too while searching for a copy of office 2003
    Benno sent you a PM where to get it from NO its NOT a Warez site.

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    Yea I noticed too, just when I was just about to get into it. Oh well time to go hunting.

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    thats a shame
    I&#39;ll second the use of avg
    norton sucks


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