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Thread: Heroes That Never Were

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    supporting characters in movies, who just weren't given their chance to shine. but when you watched 'em, you thought "that kid has POTENTIAL!"

    here's my nominee:

    Jek Porkins, also known as "Red Six" and played by William Hootkins, from Star Wars: A New Hope.

    from a Porkins fan site:
    Yes, that's right. You've all seen the movie, and I bet that none of you pathetic bastards even remember poor Porkins. All I have to say is this: PORKINS IS STAR WARS. Without Porkins, the movie just wouldn't be worthwhile. I mean, this guy had flames on his helmet, and he even refused to wear his chin strap. Could he be much more of a bad ass? I think not.

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    Bruce Campbell
    dont get why he never got further .. . .

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    game but aeris died too soon


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