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Thread: Real Ska And Punk

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    Any Second or Third Wave Ska fans out there? If so, it'd be nice to see some finally being seeded somewhere. That'd be a first . The same goes for small punk bands like Pain, Tsunami Bomb, Flashlight Brown, etc. (none of that Simple Plan, GC, Mest garbage).

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    i think i'm a fan . i like ska but i'm not a hardcore fan of any bands, i like punk too
    I survived the great winter 03/04 depression

    J'Pol - MIA / - KIA / Snny - MIA
    Billy_Dean - KIA / <s>fugley - MIA</s> / FuNkY CaPrIcOrN - MIA

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    I once considered myself a rude boy, listening to 1st 2nd and 3rd waves of ska.
    I fell out of that and just enjoy punk rock now, although
    there are a few ska albums still lingering around me


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    awesome dude. i never quite got the ska lingo haha but do notice the word "rude" thrown around a lot in songs. especially the toasters


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