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Thread: Sim City 4 Deviance Works With Errors?

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    Anyone else have this issue?

    I downloaded and burnt both the deviance sim city 4 disks (dev-sc4) and installed the game.

    No errors in the installation. The Game runs 99% beautifully. But the building icons... Now the actual city looks awesome, but in the selection menu for roads, police stations, landmarks, whatever, half the pictures are missing and the others are in the wrong order. The game's still totally playable because there are tooltips that tell what the actual right building is even if the picture's wrong, and as i said - once the building's part of the city it looks fine.

    Did anyone else have this error? I tried reburning the cd and reinstalling but i got the same problem.

    I havent downloaded the ppf patch thats out for disk 2, but thats just a trainer right?

    Other than that its a fantastic game and i think ill pick it up for real when the price goes down (i actually buy sometimes after i try )

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    nope, sry jtemp. i dled deviance version and it worked perfectly . the fact that u've downloaded it many times might be like an compatiablility issue. do u haf win xp? is ur system fast enough for the game? some other windows versions espically win me messes up the games...
    hope that helps

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    I also downloaded the Deviance releases and they worked fine.....probably a compatibility issue

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    It works for some people, if not, you could try the gimprus version.


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