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Thread: Novasearch Is Back Again

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    Just to let you guys know that novasearch is back and fast as hell.


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    yeah but is about to disassociate itself with novasearch and make its own

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    wahts novasearch's site?

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    Originally posted by jasonmog@22 February 2004 - 22:53
    yeah but is about to disassociate itself with novasearch and make its own
    No Suprnova is going to absorb Novasearch:
    Rather than try to respond to the many forum posts that have cropped up, I'm going to announce here. I have offered to give the NovaSearch sourcecode to SuprNova in order that SuprNova won't have to be without a search engine. Sloncek has agreed. So while NovaSearch will be dead, it's legacy will live on, in the form of some sort of SuprNova-run search engine fully integrated (I assume) with the main site.

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    As of 14th of march, guspaz (owner of novasearch), well his services will no longer be required by Suprnova as Suprnova will be incorporating there own search feature in to
    So thats the end of that B)

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    That was because guspaz loaded an app on the site, which secretly attempted to download a virus on the PC. Obviously, he didn't know this, but when he found out, he removed it straight away. Because of this incidence, suprnova decided that they will stop supporting the site. They have decided that they will use novasearch's search engine on their site.
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