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Thread: Dual Boot

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    Hi there. I'm not a very computer smart person. Given, I know more than the average person, but not enough to be confident in what I do. So, I seek your help.
    I'm going to partition my HDD into 2 20gig partitions. One the first I'm going to have Windows XP Home. The second, a form of Linux. Now, my question is, if I want to switch from XP to Linux, and/or back again, how would I go about doing that? Is there a self explanatory menu during boot up, or some sort of thing I got to do to get it to switch? Thanks in advance for any help given.

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    Install linux after installing windows.

    You will get the option to install a bootloader in most distros. Either Grub or lilo.

    They present you with a menu screen at bootup which displays a list of your currently installed o.s.'s.

    Or you can just skip the bootloader and use a bootdisk floppy. That way if you ever decide to change distros or delete linux then you wont have to do a fixmbr to get back into windows.

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    You'll be able to choose on start up hope this is helpful


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