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Thread: Missing A Partition?

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    I just formatted my HDD, and split it into 2. I was going to use 30gig for Windows XP and it's stuff, and another 10gig for linux. I recently partitioned at school in class as part of a lesson, and all I had to do was creat a partition and then format it. Later, I was able to go into My Computer and format D (which should have been the leftover HD space). However, this is not the case with my XP home. It says my C drive has 30gig, but there is no other drives. So, does that mean I should pop in my XP cd and format another partition, or what? The only way I know of doing it is through the XP install disk. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I do hate trial & error.

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    Dual boot I think ? hope this link helps

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    Nope, that's not it. Guess I wasn't very coherant with my problem.
    I can't find out how to take the leftover space from my HD (10gig left) and make that into an explorable drive like the C drive. I'm gonna try popping in the CD, see if that will solve the problem. Doubt it, though.

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    Go to control panel>administrative tools>computer management>disk management.
    Does the 10GB partition show up there?
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    Sounds like you have left it unpartitioned.

    Boot with the xp disk and check it because if you leave it unpartitioned, windows wont be able to see it.

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    Originally posted by Evil Gemini@7 February 2004 - 01:05
    Sounds like you have left it unpartitioned.
    Negative, he just left it unformatted. As 4th gen said, do that and you'll fix it B)

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    Evil Gemini was right. I booted up with the CD, and it was still unpartitioned. Shows up fine, now.

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    Originally posted by Soma Cruz@7 February 2004 - 20:07
    Evil Gemini was right. I booted up with the CD, and it was still unpartitioned. Shows up fine, now.


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