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Thread: Ra Files?

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    I just d/l some files of a radio show, the files are in ra format, hey play ok in Real Player, but when i try to burn them onto cd with nero, i get an error message, saying these files are unsupported, any help how/if i can burn them?

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    two things i can think of.

    1) Some real files like that are only 1KB or something, and just provided information for realplayer to stream..

    2) Are you trying to burn it as an mp3 cd or something?
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    They were zipped files, i extracted them, played them in real player, tried to burn them as audio with nero, nero says it doesnt support these type of files, i just wondered if i could change them so i could burn them to disc

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    Go there then RealNetworks RealMedia/RealAudio and look at the first "view".

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    Or you could use EO Video to convert the files to .wav fromat, which Nero can burn with no problem.

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    Thanks all, the nero plugin page is unavailable so gonna try EO Video


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