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Thread: Sports Person(s) Of The Year

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    How many members think that there should be a new award every year, in every country, for the sports person(s), from that country, who have won world titles in that year?

    Would it not be a change from people getting sports personality of the year awards for they way they, look, kick a ball, who they marry etc. The countless number of people who spend most of their young lives training to achieve their ambition to be best in the world, and get there, only to be overlooked by someone who is in the limelight because their sport, or their wife, is always in the limelight.

    Give an award to the people who deserve it.

    I was going to put this in sportsworld but I could not find it.
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    Not sure about world titles, but definetely those who have outperformed others from their country as I agree totally that many a hard working athlete is overlooked in the name of fashion or their sport being slightly less popular.


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