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Thread: Howdoi Make My Pc Dual Bootable?

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    hi there
    kindly give me some tips regardin this proceedure. I tried it on my own Unfortunately couldnt make it I get only one OS at a time Also some errors regarding MBR. Well i cant tell u how i did it(whole proceedure). But do tell me precautions proceedure and TiPS

    ACTUALLY THE PROBLEM IS I installed XP weeks ago but it started givin me errors
    while i was using my modem. It would restart itself on its own after some time. In order to solve this i even installed recent modem s/w from the manuf. site but it didnt help so i decided to make it dual bootable with my previous OS that is win 98 NOW i WANT TO USE BOTH OF THEM(O.S) TOGETHER BUT I GET ONLY ONE AT A TIME KINDLY HELP ME IN THIS REGARD;
    I need ur :helpsmile: urgently
    thanku in advance

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    first of all you will need to have 2 partitions (if installing on the same hard drive) one for 98 and one for XP

    you should install windows 98 first and onto the C: partition

    then you should install XP onto the other partition (probably D
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    I found this on here a few weeks back now I didn't write it so I have no idea if it works,cured the other guys problem.

    Here is how to install win98/ME on a computer with winxp/2000 already installed on a NTFS partition.

    First, format a partition with FAT32. (Use partition magic v7 or greater or
    similar to create a partition if there is no space left.)
    Make the partition active.

    Copy win98/ME cab files to \windows\options\cabs on the new partition.
    Boot computer with a win98 boot disk (Use winimage to create boot disks)
    Install Win98/ME from directory.

    Now, use your winXP/2000 CD and start installation under win98/ME.
    When it prompts you to reboot, reboot back into win98/ME and not into
    winXP/2000 setup.

    Edit Boot.ini file on the Fat32 partition from:
    [Boot Loader]
    [Operating Systems]
    C:\$WIN_NT$.~BT\BOOTSECT.DAT="Microsoft Windows XP Professional Setup"
    C:\="Microsoft Windows"

    [Boot Loader]
    [Operating Systems]
    C:\="Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition"
    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\windows="Microsoft Windows XP

    You can safely delete the $win_nt$.~bt directory afterward.

    That is all there is to it.


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