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Thread: Need Help With Splinter Cell, Level 2

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    You know when you're supposed to use that Laser mic on the glass elevator? Well, I hide in the dark, and point it on the elevator as it slides up the wall, but every time, after a while, they stop talking, and that Lamebert gives me hell and tells me that the mission is over!

    So how can I avoid this? Are there any good hiding spots around the area? Because you don't get much time to hide, you have to get up that laser mic and listen to Grinko and the other bloke.

    Thanks for the cooperation.

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    Well that level seems ages ago. But I probably used my gun to shoot out some lights maybe near it then use the laser mic. Sorry I can't remeber taht well

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    Well if you don't remember, why did you reply?


    (I'll just ask SOMEONE ELSE&#33

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    Have a look and see if im right.

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    I'll try tomorrow, busy making a new save-game on the good old cm0102


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    been there done that i just sat infront of the lift and follwed it up just makes sure u get real close they wont see u once it reaches the top as soon as lambert starts to talk to u move into the corner out of the way cause the doors open and 4 guards come out and do a sweep.


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