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Thread: Critical Us Court Case On File-sharing Legality:

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    Full articles found here:,1412,...e?%2002-05-2004
    File-Sharing: Who's to Blame?
    Court hears appeal in file-sharing case
    File-sharing issue lands in court again
    StreamCast Confident of Morpheus Victory - Update

    Update: EFF Senior Intellectual Property Attorney Fred von Lohmann provided us with a link to an mp3 recording of the entire proceedings (from the EFF website.) The file is about 15 megabytes and around 68 minutes long. The recording provides a fascinating insight into Tuesday's proceedings.

    Fred von Lohmann points out, "One stand-out quote from Judge Noonan, responding to music publisher attorney Carey Ramos, who was indulging in a bit of colorful "piracy" language:

    "Let me say what I think your problem is. You can use these harsh terms, but you are dealing with something new, and the question is, does the statutory monopoly that Congress has given you reach out to that something new. And that's a very debatable question. You don't solve it by calling it 'theft.' You have to show why this court should extend a statutory monopoly to cover the new thing. That's your problem. Address that if you would. And curtail the use of abusive language."

    You can copy and paste the following URL into WinAmp, or simply download the file (the file is public domain and free for reposting, sharing, or even remixing:

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    There is two different copyright issues:

    1. People copying music an selling it, this is more harsh in my eyes.

    2. People sharing music without any commercial interests as sharing is free.
    This is the intention of real sharing so that we can enjoy together good music.


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