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Thread: K_lite 2.6

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    Tried K_Lite 2.6 and it sucks!
    Cumbersome, incredibly slow search with hardly any results!
    Ive reverted back to good old 2.4.3.
    Am I doin anything wrong or is this a universal diagnosis?

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    Dec 2003
    Did you enable asm? ever thought you had a "bad" supernode?

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    what is ASM?

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    Originally posted by djchris@7 February 2004 - 17:32
    what is ASM?
    ASM= Auto Search More

    Remember the program is by no means finished yet and is still in developement

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    Yes I did ........ well i'm pretty sure I did. Its got bugs and that window was pretty scrambled. I searched for a file and got 5 or 6 results all of which were useless. Back on 2.4.3 put it on unlimited and immediately acquired an avalanche of pucker results.

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    Well, I like K-Lite v2.6 very much... It's just what you like I think... But I love it.... B)

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    coeurdelion, its called a test build for a reason - it has bugs!

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    Point taken Lite. I'll try it again sometime in the future.Thanks for your comments.

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    k-lite 2.6 has so far been a joke the final better be good

    k-lite v2.6 =
    Signature removed, please check the board rules

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    I agree 2.6 sucks ass, It has only bugs nothing ever works the look is bad
    its got popups all over it and it causes buffer overruns all the time.
    my advise: get K++ 2.44 (not 2.43) and stop the 2.6 project (it just aint hapening)

    (Forgive my bad english)

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