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Thread: Cold Mountain Screener, Kill Bill Vol. 1 Screener

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    Ok I downloaded these movies and need to be able to burn to a DVD. Kill Bill is an XVid avi so I need to use TMPGenc to convert to mpeg. When I load it however the file is too big to burn to a dvd but i try anyway and it gives me this error message "Warning: Nothing to output BFrame Decoder lag". Anyone know what I need to do?

    Cold Mountain is in Bin and Cue files so I used VCDGear to convert to mpeg but when I use TMPGenc DVD authorizer and try to open the file it says "A video sequence header is necessary for every GOP in a standard DVD. The video sequence header is incorrect." Can anyone help me as to what I need to do to get these to burn onto a DVD? Thank You!

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    well download then acoustica converter that works perfectly

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    the acoustica converter is a mp3 to wav converter. That has nothing to do with my problem at all. Thanks anyway for trying though!

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    yep this is the problem with download Mpegs people encode it with this KVCD non standard crap,

    what you will have to do is re encode the movie to either VCD or a Mpeg Standard SVCD *Which is under DVD in TMPGEnc Plus)

    as for the KIll Bill one give a a few minutes ...

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    TITO, why dont u just burn cold mountain image. Use Nero.

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    The bottom one mate dvd dosnt support some of the properties of vcd,svcd mpegs.You have to modify them a bit,the audio & resoultion header for svcd.Theres a guide on

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    how was cold mountain?


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