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Thread: Does Anyone Have Experience

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    I am basically compiling an art book
    consisting of tons of pictures and texts from others and mine.
    I have little cash.
    1. How do i get the allowance to use those pictures - (go directly to artists\publishers of books which is source of picture)
    2.How do i get this thing published- in the book stores - avoiding paying anything.


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    well you are gonna have to invest a few hundreds at first to get the book reprinted in mass quantity.
    Find a book distributor or start on amazon and get the thing selling.
    Good luck, there's a big world out there for selling stuff

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    There are a few "pay-to-publish" places out there. If you're trying to compile an art book, you'll need permission (and likely royalities of some sort) from the original artists. Or their estates, should they have passed on.

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    Thanx will take a look

    Basically ill first get the book looking like a book - ready to publish, presentable
    and then contact any publishers, museums, galleries
    maybe make a show - try and sell it through that - invite publishers etc to it
    damn to try it
    Alot of households have art books next to their coffee table - this one should work
    (in the sense it will probably get looked in more often than twice)


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