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Thread: Movieworld 101

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    I having been file swapping since the hay days of napster. But I have never traded movies, other than short avis.

    It appears that there are many full Lent feature films listed here.

    So I am new to all of this speak.

    Is there a newbie post to get me up to speed?
    What is the default format for longer movies?
    what does verified hash mean, and how do you use that information?

    Since I don't know much, that is all I can ask now I guess.
    Thanks for any knowledge.

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    1st of all we don't trade in here, we share files. That's a big difference...

    think for the rest i best can point you to the FAQ, just click the link down under in my post.
    Do you still have questions after that regarding sig2dat come back and ask.

    Most big movies are divx avi format however mpeg and mpg are used to.

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