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Thread: Emule Plus

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    I have v1i so if i wanna get the new version should i replace just the exes or install it through the setup. i dont wanna lose freinds, servers, favourite servers.


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    go to the site. Download the binary version of 1j.
    Extract only the emule.exe and just replace by overwriting the old one.

    Unless there is a webserver fix, i wouldnt bother with extracting the tmpl files.
    Config files and folder should be ignored. Not reallly that useful if you just want to update emule version.

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    Thnx. That is exactly what i did. Temme something, do you always stay in this section

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    Yeah i mostly stay in emule section. I help out quite a lot on the E+ forum, but studies is getting harder, so im having to (or trying) spend less forum time.

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    i just uninstalled e-mule plus and installed the new one to the same folder.

    it saved my downloads and started them up when i loaded the new e-mule again.

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    You're lucky. I've heard of people doing that and losing their 'Incoming' folder. I recommend using the binaries if you plan to upgrade your eMule client.


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