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Thread: How Do You Raise The Honor Level In Amer. Army

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    Hi, i need to know, what i must do in order o raise my Honor level, i have done all the trainings and even the SF one. and have played for a while too, but my level is still at 10, what should i do? and for the marksmanship, what should i do to get the advanced marksmanship, sometimes i shoot at the target over and over and nothing happens?

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    you need a 36 in basic training marksmanship to unlock Adv. marksman

    and to get honor u have to have positive points at the end of each match which consists of 7 rounds. i know for a fact to raise a honor point from 10-20 you have to have 1000 points to reach 1 honor level, after level 20 u need more

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    To hit target consistently in markmanship you need to control your breath. Shoot while you holding breath only. If you do so and you aim right you will hit everytime.

    Points in the game = experience points, cumulate them to get to next honor point.

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    just play a lot of SF hospital. I just quit playing the game today because the cheating is worse then CS. It pisses me off when clans use TS to cheat and all the cheats thats floating around on the net. PB is a worthless piece of shit. I'll only play the game when they update then i'll quit again. Theres over 1000 members on the AA cheat forums and they don't know when to quit...there like roaches..when they get banned they keep comming back. The ppl over on the non cheating forums are even more stupid. They think AA has over 2million players, and if they had that many they would be beating CS out....which there not.


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