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Thread: What Are Your Speeds?

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    Hey all. Just gonna set up this little poll. What speeds do you download at on E-mule? Right now i'm going at about 2.9 KB/s which is pretty fast for me. What's the top that you've ever had? Mine was 8 when i was downloading one file.


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    35KB/s for a only file 2gig's with eMule

  3. File Sharing   -   #3 do you get those speeds? My ID is high and all...but i'm still only gettin 2kb on Cable. CAH-RAZY

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    I really don't know, i have dsl btw.

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    65KB out of a max 75KB, the rest is overheads im guessing. Ive downloaded thereabouts of a terabyte on emule.

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    would choosing a different server matter?


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    Originally posted by NoUse4aName@7 February 2004 - 19:30
    would choosing a different server matter?

    maybe.. but that would only because you would connect to ppl with better connection. But that is all chance
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    Lol, from what I had heard i thought that 2 kb/s on emule was somewhat normal...but 68...75...DAMN&#33; Lol Well....2 kb/s gets the job done (well..slowly). Anyone have any tips on speedin things up? Anyone else gettin 2 k a sec? and to think...i was proud of it

    No use

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    Pointers ^

    Servers doesnt matter. Just any.

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    on e-mule i get 51ks which is the fastest my connection can download

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