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Thread: I Cant Take It Anymore

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    fuckin firewalled shit on overnet , ive been tryin to figure out how to forward ports to a d link router for a while now and i cant do it i dont know what to do this shit is drivin me crazy my average speed is like 2.3
    im dying here

    i dont expect any help from posting this i just had to get this shit off my chest but if for some unexplained reason someone does figure something out would u please tell me, pm me or something

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    Try posting what model number of d-link router you have and someone will probably be able to help.

    How do I open ports on my D-Link router.

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    Jg427 is awsome just to let all of you know
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    well i figured it out and soon ill type it up but pls ask im not going to type it up if no1 wants it. but man you go FAST after that B). look
    Image Resized

    this is what it looks like to have HIGH ID and not be firewalled


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