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Thread: Adobe Video Collection Pro Suite

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    Does anybody have this?
    I really need it.


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    I suugest you look for the programs individually... I don't have premiere 7 or the new after effects but photoshop 7 I have... (not a verified link) I think I saw a verified link on this forum but I don't remember where...

    For premiere, it is actually hard to get the real version.. I found this download warning on kazaa if it could help:

    2_Adobe Premiere (102M)-->is premiere 6

    Adobe Premiere (102M)--> is premiere 6

    Adobe Premiere 7 [found via] (147M)
    --> is premiere 6.5

    Adobe Premiere 7 [found via].zip(147M)
    -->is premiere 6.5

    Adobe Premiere Pro.ISO (427M) -->is Xplode Prefessional 4

    REAL Adobe premiere Pro!!!!!!!!!!!1-->

    adobe Premiere pro.rar(157m)
    ed2k://|file|adobe Premiere Pro.rar|165071614|0b0214962d47b598186d5aae2fbb77e9|

    REAL Adobe premiere Pro!!!!!!!!!!!2-->
    ed2k://|file|Premiere Pro.rar|165073747|f8588e9fe3b984208b607853fe5e09dd|

    as for the rest of the suite search me... I don't know...
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