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Thread: Gamecube Emulator

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    Wouldnt this make it so you wouldnt even need a GC? Im gonns g/l some games and see if it works. Ill tryout some of my games too and let you guys know if they work.
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    Please test
    and post results

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    I already tested it,

    I tried 2 games:

    --Bust A move 3000

    Runs good, 70+ FPs but the game doesnt have in-game 3d so no wonder why the fps count is so high....

    --Mario Kart Double Dash

    You can see the NINTENDO Sign appearing in the screen and then the Dolby Pro-Logic II logo, then the emulator hangs and a error screen appears...

    Either way is looking good, is amazing what they have done so far, the only problem is that they dont have a SOund Plug-In, so no sound yet...

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    you're about 10 days late on this one:

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    It's all over the emu sites and forums, that Doplhin has been released.There were many screenhots of Dolphin arround but no-one knew anything about the authors nor the exact features of the emulator.Now the secret is revealed.Three well known and expirienced guys (Ector,F|REs & Schibo) have made the emulator.Both ,F|REs & Schibo, worked on other big emulation projects too.F|REs worked on the two best N64 emulators (1964 & Project64),and Schibo is one of the two authors of 1964.

    It is very interesting that the emulator runs a bunch of commercial games,like  Bust-A-Move 3000 which runs quite fast even on PCs with middle-rated harware.
    Dolphin doesen't amulate sound in most of the games , except in Ikaruga.You can find many screenshots and comments about the amulator.

    Here are some compatibility coments:
    [Ace Golf] (GWGP)
    - Does Nothing After Loading

    [Animal Crossing] (GAFE)
    - Loaded 'Nintendo' Screen...and then does nothing. But it's still running at a whopping 500fps...

    [Bust-A-Move-3000] (G3SE)
    - Works Well, but some glitches on selecting menu. Can't see if something is highlighted or not. 65-75 FPS, sometimes freezes.

    [Capcom Vs. SNK2 EO] (GEOE)
    - Flickers on load, fast on menu (120+ fps), but freeze after pushing Start

    [Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles] (GCCJ)
    - Does Nothing After Loading

    [Hitman 2 - Silent Assassin] (GHME)
    - unhandled mfsr-impl Error
    - and Stopps after saying Licensed by Nintendo

    [Hot Wheels World Race] (GHRE)
    - Licensed by Nintendo
    - Showed some Licensed copyright things and then freezes afterwards.

    [Ikaruga] (GIKP)
    - Beginning [movie] loads slow at around 4-5fps. Wait a little while and it'll ask for a memory card. Ignore it since it doesn't support it yet, push B to continue without saying. Killing some stuff will leave a block of squares on the screen lol, and freezes after some time of playing, even in the menu. Steaming Music Works.

    [Puzzle Collection] (GPZJ)
    - Showing the Character's? Information at around 15fps
    - Showing a lot of White Screen at around 40-45fps
    - If you see only white screen, choose wireframe mode to see the stuff, then deselect the wireframe in game. It's dark...
    - All I see are yellow pills on Dr. Mario, and Yellow Virus...
    (-Top Right Game-)
    - Running at 10-15fps playing the 3D Mode
    (-Yoshi's Cookies?, Bottom Left-)
    - Intro Running at 80fps!
    - Can't see The japanese text, only see those strange ASCII
    - Menu around 50fps
    - In Game 75-80fps

    [Super Monkey Balls 2] (GM2P)
    - Error after Presented by Sega

    [Viewful Joe] (GVJP)
    - Doesn't do anything...but keeps running and running, then stopped when I keep pushing buttons...

    [Worms Blast] (GWBP)
    - Does Nothing

    [Zelda: The Wind Waker] (GZLE)
    - Credits and Logo intro zoom by fast ie, Dolby Sound logo etc.. 200+ fps, the slow down when displaying The Legend of Zelda...4-5 fps.
    - Selecting Yes/No on Memory Card does not appear to be highlighted.
    - Selecting the name is highlighted, but very hard to see -^
    - Game Intro, telling us the tablet thing, 100-120+ fps
    - On the Outset Island...slowly moving towards the GIRL at 3-5fps...
    - The Girl is a scary red is the birdy...
    The System Requirements	
    GFX:   Radeon 9500+ series card recommended, but Geforce FX 
           series also work. Expect severe graphics problems
           with lower cards.
    CPU:   The fastest you can find.
    RAM:   256MB or higher strongly recommended.
    Audio: Any Windows/DirectX-compatible soundcard.[/QUOTE]
    [QUOTE]The Gamecube Information
    The main processor of the Gamecube is a PowerPC derivative
    running at 485MHz with some additional SIMD instructions.
    It is extremely time consuming to emulate and is the main
    bottleneck of Dolphin.
    The Gamecube "Art-X" graphics chip is probably the most 
    complex ever seen in a console, except maybe the NV20+ in 
    the XBox. Unlike the NV20 the Art-X is very different from 
    PC hardware, so it requires a lot of computer power to 
    emulate, and it may not be possible to support all features. 
    It can do some very weird stuff like having two alpha 
    compare operations that can in turn be xored, anded or
    whatever, and has performance counters that are impossible 
    to emulate properly that may be used/abused for purposes 
    like occlusion culling, as has been seen already (the 
    weird boxes in Mario Sunshine). Coverage queries may 
    possibly be used on hardware that supports them to fake 
    this feature reasonably.
    Also its texturing abilities are extremely advanced, right 
    up there with the XBox and in some areas even more 
    feature rich.
    That is why Radeon 9500+ / Geforce FX is the minimum 
    specification for running Dolphin properly.
    The Gamecube has 24 megs of fast RAM and 16 megs of slower 
    "ARAM", primarily used for audio but can also be used as a
    temporary scratch space.
    The Gamecube has a custom DSP for audio with an unknown 
    instruction set. It will be possible to HLE sound in many 
    games, those that use the AX library, but we are not sure 
    about the others yet. A simple type of streaming music 
    (used by a few games) has already been somewhat emulated.
    Just quoting myself B)

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    Hmm cool i guess ps2 is next

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