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Thread: Propositions For New Games?

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    I was thinking about a game
    where you could change History
    Eliminate Hitler\change political structures french Revolution - its effects
    Bill Gates..etc
    too complex too imagine

    Any others?

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    I came up with this game kinda like GTA. But it is more of you being in a gang. And its a massively online game. You would be in a world similar to the US. And you would start out as a street punk at the age or 14 or something. And you could join a gang and if any other people come up in your area you could blast them and shit. It wwould be fuckin awesome.
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    check this.....take the Dynasty Warriors 4 fighting engine and dont put it based on ancient china. put it based on greek warriors and gods. we have all read the Iliad in college and it was truly a great poem. the gods kept on interferring and men like achilles can fight like a thousand men. achilles can be similar to Lu Bu. instead of mosou you can call a god to help you. you can call Zeus, Ares, Athena and more.

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    AzNsMaRtGuY333 that would be a sweet game, I'm a huge Greek myth buff, it my religion, put it Gladiator style and it would be a winner.

    I alway though an awsom game would be like that one, but where you could create and customize your fighter, make it a 2 disk set, first disk is created a fighter second is your actual game. I could play something like that forever


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    I've been talking about my idea for a while, back in the late SNES days early 64 1994-1996..I came up with the idea of having the entire USA mapped out.. True Crimes did with LA and GTA has done a pretty damn convincing city, twice. Basically you can go to any place in the U.S., any city any town...even your own house would be in the game. I used to talk about this and my friends thought it would be absolutely impossible, now it's becoming feasible. The plot could be Anything....GTA style, or based on info about yourself the game makes a custom mission for you. I'm too drunk to get into all of it, but I'll post some more tommorow...i'm tired

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    Zedaxax and SingaBoiy = those ideas are kickass. I wonder how much time it'd take, and how much experience you'd need to pull it off. I've got more than enough time, but my experience is minimal.......

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    ive always wanted Back To the future to come out as a game but im not sure if the storyline would be suitable for a game.
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    ive always wanted Back To the future to come out as a game but im not sure if the storyline would be suitable for a game.*
    It's been done !

    I've had this idea for a really lame game , but who knows...

    Time machine experiment goes wrong. Hero and machine are hurled into the past , losing a dozen or so fuel tanks. You start in the Stone Age , then find the fuel tank that's landed there. It'll take you to Ancient Egypt , where you find the second tank that takes you to Ancient Rome , and so forth. Cue a Zelda-style 3D adventure... You'd have to use period weapons and items , learn about customs , some fighting and exploration. It would sell like crap , though.

    I'd buy it.


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