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Thread: Best Music Cd Ripper

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    Does Nero Burning ROM rip CDs from an audio CD?
    Will it be able to convert ripped files to mp3?
    Otherwise, what is the best program for this?

    Right now, I use Windows Meida Player to rip audio CD tracks to my harddrive, but these tracks won't burn onto a blank with Nero.

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    I think Nero can rip then convert cds to .mp3, but I'm not for sure. I used to use dbPowerAMP to rip and convert my cds, but since they came out with v10, all it does is mess things up. So now I use WinAMP Pro 5.x to rip and convert my cds, and it does a very good job of it.

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    OK. I'll check that out.

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    CDex is very good to rip and convert cd's.
    It autonames your tracks,you can adjust bitrates...and best of all:it's freeware
    I use it myself and it's very userfriendly.

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