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Thread: Deleted File

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    I had started downloading a video file and it had already become 440 mb.. Today i put it on resume and in three hours it was supposed to be finished but in the meantime, there was a power cut and when i came back the file wasnt in the traffic nor in my shared folder or in the dat form. I have klite ressurection 2.4.6

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    from the old FAQ:
    Kazaa Lite deletes my dat files

    When your computer crashes or shuts down due to power failure, it can happen that some of your partial downloads (.dat files) get corrupted. If the part where all the essential details of the file (name, hash, checksum, size, sources) are stored gets messed up, then Kazaa Lite is not able to resume the file. Once Kazaa Lite encounters such a broken file, it will delete the file.

    Crashes are often hardware related (wrong/old drivers, incompatibilities between hardware). So make sure all your drivers are up-to-date. Also keep your software up-to-date. A stable Operating System such as Windows 2000 or XP can help a lot to prevent crashes.

    Otherwise there is no other solution than making backups of big dat files once in a while
    Sorry, but you'll have to start all over again, mate...

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    Oh no... Can you tell me why i got this problem?


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