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Thread: Pc To Md Software: Sony Mz-n1

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    I just bought a Sony MZ-N1 "Net MD" player/ recorder. I installed the software, and it works even though it's made for a Japanese windows system. The problem is, it will only let me transfer files from my PC which contain the copyright registration info. Does anyone have alternative software that will allow me to dl any audio file I want onto my MD, or some way to bypass the copyright safegaurds? The MD player connects to my PC through a USB port.

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    I have a sony netmd too and as yet I never had a problem with mp3s

    What software do you use?

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    It's called: OpenMG Jukebox. In the manual it says "OpenMG" conforms to SDMI: Secure Music Digital Initiative to protect copyright priviledges. I tried it, and it wouldn't let me dl any of my mp3s.

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    Come on! Doesn't anyone have Net MD software to share? Mine won't let me transfer un-copyrighted files from my PC to my MD. If your MD software also you you transfer those files, and it's Sony MD software, please share it w/ me, post a link, or whatever. PLEASE!!!!

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    i have the same recorder as yours, but ive had no problems getting files onto it. Have you exported it to the player more than three times?? if so you need to check them back in before you can send another copy out.
    What format are you refering to ? MP3, cos it sounds like you might be trying to transfer a protected WMA file. Ive never tried to do that to a WMA file as all of my files are in mp3. If so try converting to mp3 first, then let OpenMG convert it to atrac and onto your MD.


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