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Thread: Your Dream P2p App

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    hey i just wanted to ask everyone what there dream p2p app wpould be please feel free to tell all

    what network or networksit would connect to and why

    what it would look like and why

    what it would be called and why
    ya know shit like that

    mine would look a whole lot like NAPSTER 2.0 maybe even exactly like it because i think all the feature napster has are awsome but we would be able to use all the features like the MESSAGE BOARDS and RADIO feature. and it would connect to all the networks, im not really sure if i would include fasttrack in there though. but it would somehow connect to soulseek as well. overnet, emule, gnutella, g2, torrent files....., well you know all networks. and i would call it K-Lite, hehe, ya know give K-Lite a great name again
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    My dream network would be emule/overnet... but everyon has t3 lines.
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    a well
    Mine would be Soulseek but everyone shares more then just mp3s and never disconnects. None of the downloads are queued and my downloads always max out my bandwidth and I never have to upload. I can find all the lesbian porn I want without having to use Kazaa or MIRC.

    Or just having my downloads not be Queued, Soulseeks server being up and bittorrents speeds are always fast even when I don&#39;t upload would be good enough for Arm. B)

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    humm thats a hard Q. for real lol
    but i would say i just want a very high internet speed and i&#39;ll manage
    but kazaa lite with more users and more shared stuff is great
    and I LOVE mIRC

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    kazaa file availability with e-mule fake checks/not many fake files with secure downloading/uploading (proxies)

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    My ideal dream P2P app would have the following features:

    1) Searches all P2P networks including Fasttrack as well as Bittorrent, Emule, Gnutella etc.

    2) Allows plugins to cover new P2P networks as they appear.

    3) Comes with Peerguardian built in but instead of just blocking enemy IPs it lets them think they&#39;re downloading a file, gives them piss-all bandwidth so it takes ages and wastes their time, but all they get is a "suck shit asshole&#33;" text file instead.

    4) Can convert DRM files to MP3/OGG/AVI/MPG on the fly, as they download, rather than just rejecting them. (Wouldn&#39;t that be two fingers in the face of the RIAA&#33

    5) Has built-in IP address anonymisation to defend against IP tracing. (ie sets up a virtual proxy on your machine to mask your real IP)

    6) Features PGP file encryption to prevent interception en route.

    7) Detects if an uploader is a leech (not sharing any files or has reduced their upload bandwidth to 0) and automatically prevents them from connecting to ANYONE if so. DEATH TO ALL LEECHES&#33;&#33;&#33; DIE YOU SELFISH SCUMSUCKING B@#&#036;#%&#036;&&#^&#%^&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;

    (Ahem... sorry, just got a bit carried away there, this is a sore subject with me&#33

    8) Search filter excludes incomplete files as well as fakes (you can specify a minimum playing time if you know roughly how long the song/movie you want goes for; any file under this playing time by a significant margin is excluded).

    9) And last but not least, published under the GPL with OPEN SOURCE for reliability and peer review = stable, bug-free software&#33;

    Hmm, I might break out C++ Builder and start experimenting with a few ideas... mentioning all this has got me thinking now&#33;

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    damn i thought my dream p2p was the best now i look at what you put and i think now ill just go with yours to haha
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    What&#39;s P2P ?

    For me it&#39;s Soulseek. Things to improve are:

    1. Find more users (for the same files of course)
    2. Invite a member (in a personal message)
    3. Read peoples info first&#33; (as a basic startup text)

    That&#39;s it really.. i love Soulseek.

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    yep soulseek is great but since the mydoom virus is on it some people say that what happened to fasttrack is going to happen to soulseek ya know like the fake files
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    eMule Plus/Overnet Lite(great work by Tmpj, thnx)

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