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Thread: How Do I Make Jelly Ice Cream ?

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    So how do you make it ??

    I bought an ice cream called jelly tip a week ago and the top of it was ice cream but mixed with jelly and it was delicious.

    How would i make it ??

    Can i melt the ice cream, put in a blender then make the jelly and pour it in there before it sets and mix it then poor it in a container and put in freezer and let it set ??

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    I want my jelly ice cream

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    make a bowl of jelly

    buy some icecream

    put em both in the same bowl

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    Originally posted by t3h1337n355@9 February 2004 - 13:55
    make a bowl of jelly

    buy some icecream

    put em both in the same bowl

    Good advise&#33;&#33;

    Cos making good icecream is a craft&#33;&#33;

    I have an icemachine.............

    (but even then: the right mixture is quite important&#33;&#33


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    Originally posted by muchspl2@9 February 2004 - 13:17

    thanks but that was a recipe that used jelly ice cream as an ingrediant

    Well, i bought my self some jelly and vanilla ice cream and im gonna try make some

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    mmm jelly ice cream never heard of tha sound good B)


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