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Thread: Audio But No Vidio

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    i downloaded a movie, which was hard to find, but i have no picture just sound. what can i do. also how can i find movies & not just movie clips?

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    Download the k-lite codec pack from the main site, this should help.

    To download a movie go to the verifieds section and look for the hash of a movie you like. If you dont know how to handle hashes look into the FAQ.

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    i hate to bother you, but what is a hash? and once i download what you told me, to i have to redownload a vidio that dosnt have a picture?

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    where do i find the verifids and what are they? thank u

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    :rtfm: :rtfm:
    Scroll down in the board's main page and they are right there. They are the various world discussions.

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    i went to verifids, i still dont know how to get movies, please help

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    Read the FAQ aka :rtfm:
    If you see a hash of a movie your interested in, (have kazaa running btw) either copy and paste it into Sig2Dat or click on it. If you copy+pasted, then you have to restart Kazaa Lite for it to start downloading. IF you clicked it, it should start downloading right away. Also, search for the file manually and enable autosearchmore and run speed-up.

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    nothing i clicked on the movie i found but i cant cut & paste it, i dont know what the fuck im doing & im getting really frustrated. any other suggestionsz/

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    Originally posted by fiacco62@5 March 2003 - 01:54
    i hate to bother you, but what is a hash? and once i download what you told me, to i have to redownload a vidio that dosnt have a picture?
    once you download the codec pack - the movie you ALREADY downloaded should play.

    Hashes are basically signatures that can identify a file (a verified file for example). You can find many of these in the verified sections of these forums. Often these are in quicklink format - so if you have kazaa open and you click on the links - kazzaa will automatically start to download them - for example:

    Length:54272 Bytes,53KB

    in other cases you will only get the uuhash part, copy this ie "=5J4NI7fleAT2wOootCOp3v8r//8=", open sig2dat (under tools in kazaa++) and enter manually, then when you restart kazaa it will start downloading.

    There is lots of information in the various forums here "pinned" - so check it out - this is really an exercise in repeating information.

    Good luck.


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