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Thread: Quality Film File Size?

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    what size of file is best to look out for, no cam please
    is 700mb gonna be any good if its a dvd rip or do i need to go for 1 - 1.6g?
    please help as it ulimately decides what i download
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    I&#39;ve had cams that were 1.4 gigs it all depend check vcdquality for info on a release

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    yea, i&#39;ve had cams converted to SVCD and they can get up to 1.3gb&#39;s. Thats compressed to. Anywase I just look at the title, if it says CAM or TS then i know the quality wont be the best. I usually look for SCREENER or DVD-RIP in the title.

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    well believe me .. size got nothing to do with it ..
    i had this movie clip one time it was divX it was like 5 mb and some few kilobytes .. i couldnt believe the resolution and the sound quality
    but search for DivX or DVDrip and SVCD would be good too

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    i play the file while im dl the file to find good quality while im dl the file.

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    That&#39;s in most instances not possible since most releases on IRC are compressed.

    Check VCDQuality or NForce for the quality of a release.
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    While file size can help in determining quality, it&#39;s not the end-all/be-all answer to your question. can be most helpful for finding file size/type information. More importantly, read the user-posted comments/ratings and check out the samples.

    Lastly, if possible, look for the movies that are compressed using the Divx or Xvid codecs. They are, IMO, the best quality [relative to file sizes] I&#39;ve seen.

    BTW, a typical Divx/Xvid encoded movie will be around 700Mb in size.

    my 0.02&#036;


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