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    Instead of going to boards that don't give a damn about your problem and people to scared or nervous to give you an answer visit me, I'll give you a brutal but straight and helpfull answer to ALL your tech questions and on occasion post tech news. Don't belive me?


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    Your Mom's House
    No, I don't belive you. All your base are belong to us! Besides, I like this forum.

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    he's got a point. though. nobody here gives a crap about wuts wrong with sum software or sumthing like that of urs. this community is getting more selfish everyday. but sum problems r really stupid. all they have to do is :rtfm:

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    VERY constructive guys......really.

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    I'd tend to disagree. Most people here will respond to problems. Maybe people should learn patience?

    things are quiet until hitler decides he'd like to invade russia
    so, he does
    the russians are like "OMG WTF D00DZ, STOP TKING"
    and the germans are still like "omg ph34r n00bz"
    the russians fall back, all the way to moscow
    and then they all begin h4xing, which brings on the russian winter
    the germans are like "wtf, h4x"
    -- WW2 for the l33t

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    Originally posted by MagicNakor@5 March 2003 - 09:09
    I'd tend to disagree. Most people here will respond to problems. Maybe people should learn patience?

    Could'nt of put it any better myself

    This is a great Forum with great help and alot of helpful advise.

    Keep Up the good work

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    I cud argue both sides but most problems posted can be solved if more people :rtfm: (damn I love that icon)

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    WTF is wrong with some of you peeps,it really aint that difficult to post constructive answers instead of just being rude and arrogant.Alot of n00bs do ask silly questions that might have been posted before but so what we were all noobs at one time.

    I bet some of you 'so called' hard men wouldnt answer someone in the street who had asked you a question before, the way some of you do on here. So get off your high horses and show a bit of isn't that hard...

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    HELL-you will be too_$oon enough
    this forum rocks and the people are helpful so I strongly disagree

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    Jan 2003
    Your forum's crap and unfriendly so come visit mine
    I think we've been kicked in the face a bit here...

    Perhaps this guy hasn't looked around at all? I had a RAM problem a while ago and a lot of people helped me out, and RN suggested the eventual solution (replacing the RAM). Since then, I've tried to help whoever I can. I know that a lot of others do the same.

    I think this board's great for N00bs and experienced users alike. Anyone who says different needs to look harder at the board.

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