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Thread: Lost A File Called Vsnetutils.dll

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    Lost a file called VSNETUTILS.DLL. I am not sure how but I had downloaded Calendar Creator, started to unpack it, and then stopped it in mid stream and deleted it.

    The next time I re-started my pc I got the warning the this file could not be found. I did a search and it is no longer on my machine.

    Has anybody heard of this file? What is it and do I need it? Can I get a copy?


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    Do a GOOGLE

    You will find it there for sure

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    yea search in google... theres this site that has dll files free for dl... other sites charge you sigh.... arg i didnt favorites that site... o well... you will find it eventually lolz

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    Here you can download vsnetutils.dll. The file is compressed so you need WinZip (shareware version) or similar program to uncompress the zip-file. Use the link below to start downloading vsnetutils.dll.
    Filedescription: TrueVector Service, v. 2.6.362
    Filesize to download: 60k

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    Mucho thanko everyone. Is it part of ZoneAlarm? I am trying to uninstall Zone Alarm since I finally paid for the Norton Security. Had to pay for something someday.

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    According to Google that is part of ZoneZlarm, as far as what it does I cant help out 2 much


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