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Thread: American Mcgee Alice

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    Feb 2004
    Ive just spent my life downloading mcgee alice off suprnova, ive unziped the two files in the same folder and installed the game (for the seconed time) where it wants to go.

    What the problem is, when i try to play it, it opens an error message saying, please insert the correct CD-rom, select OK and restart the application.

    sounds simple enough, just one thing I HAVENT A FUCKIN CLUE WHAT ITS ONABOUT

    If any of u guys\gals can give us any advice on this irra problem it would b a big help cheers

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    i dont have this, i think its a game , but what you need is a crack/serial

    i'll close this now as we cant post cracks on the board - give me 10 minutes and i'll send you a pm with what you need and what you need to do with it


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