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Thread: Hi This Is For Draconos

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    hi Regarding :

    a really good one is DreamQuest with Jenna Jameson, fantasy stuff, real good quality

    There was also an other one that I watched years ago when I worked in a video store, I dont remember the name, but it dealt with scientist in a sleep lab studying erotic dreams, it was good and it spawned a few sequels...

    Hope That Helps
    thank you very much for the response but could you pls help me to know the name of that movie it sounds to be a very good rare one

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    its gonna be realy dificult to find it becuz all the names of the video that ar on the internet ar for 90 fake names so if you find it it wil be luck

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    I'm pretty sure its called Dreamscape and it stems fro the early 90's I looked around abit and found only 1 dreamscape, it was from 2000, I think Terrie Wiggles was in it come to think of it,

    I'll take an other looksee



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