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Thread: No Working .exe Files...

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    When i do a double click ,nothing else than a dos window appears. It happends with 5 files, downloaded. They are always .exe programs, that don`t have an icon (with the standard blue and white icon of .exe file).
    It is not a problem with the file... it is not a compressed file (no zip, no rar).
    Any body knows why the file doesn't do anything different than open and close a dos window. (they are heavy files, 600 mb, and 250 mb...).


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    At first, it seems like it could simply be a command line utility, and thus must be executed from command line, but once you said 600 mb, the only thing I could think of is file corruption.

    Is it a file from KaZaa or something? That would explain it. Use BitTorrent for P2P, especially for getting software.

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    I dont know much about this kinda stuff but if i remember right you can get image files which are in .exe format?

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    Originally posted by johannes001@9 February 2004 - 14:23
    I dont know much about this kinda stuff&nbsp; &nbsp; but if i remember right you can get image files which are in .exe format?
    That&#39;s probably it. Try changing the .exe to something like .iso, then open it with WinISO. A file that large must be some kind of archive or CD image.


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