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Thread: Bt 3.3 Ads And Search Tool

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    I just downloaded the default BT 3.3.

    The one that pops up if you go to

    After installation my desktop was flooded with casino short cut icons, etc, etc.

    So I ran ad-aware 6.0 and it removed what I thought was all of it.

    I also uninstalled all BT software that I could find.

    But when I rebooted my computer and launched IE, my home page was set to MSN, I had a search tool bar at the bottom of IE and my security settings were put to custom.

    What program was installed with my BT 3.3 download and how do I remove it?

    What version of BT should I be using that does not included spy-ware?

    Thanks for any help.

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    I read the pinned file, and realize I fell for a dupe.

    I have also run spy-bot search and destroy and that has seem to clear up the tool bar thing.

    Do I need to do anything else to normalize my computer?

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    thats about it I would think...Get Azureus man

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