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Thread: Does Gamespy Arcade Have Spyware?

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    GSA is a 3rd party game server browser, a lot like ASE. I know some of you guys are going to say "just go with ASE" but my brother, as lame as he is, already registered GSA months ago.

    Now that I got my computer reformated, loaded up XP(98se previously) for the first time after downloading it for a few weeks from the good folks here I want to take good care of my computer without any memory eating anti-virus/spyware software.

    So does GameSpy Arcade have any types of spyware in it? Is there a hacked version like Kazaa?

    I would ask this in the gaming forum but since this is a piece of software and you guys do talk about spyware stuff in here, I thought I'd ask this here but if the mods don't like this here feel free to move it.


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    Not sure, but you could always run Spybot & ad-aware to make sure

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    Yes it does

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    Originally posted by Horsemen@9 February 2004 - 17:27
    Yes it does
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    Does eh? Well from looking at your previous posts, horsemen, looks like you wouldn't be shittin'. Alright, thanks.


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