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Thread: What Firewall Do U Think Is Best?

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    Zone Alarm Pro (it does work great with some routers)
    There are some good copor ones out there too, but ZoneAlarm is getting populare.

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    Norton Internet Security 2003 doesn't use as many resources as ZA.
    This thing catches everything.

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    I like Norton Systemworks which includes NPF, because it's easy to setup.

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    i have System Works as well, great prog

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    a Sonic Wall Pro 330 is also good
    none of the firewalls mentioned will come anywhere near the protection that'll give.

    okok, for a software firewall ZA Pro is good

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    Another zone alarm pro user here. Tried Mcfee once and had nothing buy problems.

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    i am using tiny personal firewall.
    i like the way of setting rules in this prog.

    but i've heard, that norton is a very good product. but i think, i stay with tiny.

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    I think Tiny is the best closely followed by Sygate.

    Sygate has more features: anti-IP spoofing, ant-MAC spoofing, "steath browsing" which hides your OS from websites and more. Tiny's rulesets are highly configurable though. You know how most firewalls ask you once if an app can access the internet and thats it? Well that gives the app full rights to use any port for both incoming and outgoing connections. If that app is somehow hijacked or compromised you may as well not have a firewall.

    Thats why I run both at the same time. One extra bonus with sygate is that you can enter the IP ranges of people who send cease and desist emails to your ISP about you.

    You can get the list in a Sygate compatible dat file here. Its the p2p enemies one. Instructions on how to enter the IP ranges into Sygate can be found on the same site.

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    I use Norton and Agnitum Outpost as like the stealth ports feature of outpost and the ease to use and solid firewall protection of norton...this has done me proud as have been attacked many times in the past and protected me from a few DOS attacks too....

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    Zone alarm... why dont u just buy a hard drive w/ a Firewall... that also works lol... ..... i use zone alarm but half the time its closed... shhh no one heard that...

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