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Thread: I Got An Email With Mydoom

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    Oct 2003
    just got this weird email with a lot of strange characters,but what called my attention most was this:
    the message is to big (or whatever) and has been sent as a binnary attachment
    needless to say that that email and it's attachemnt was deleted

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    Yea, alot of email like hotmail and yahoo automatically delete mine if there suspicise.
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    This topic made me check my email then I saw a file with an attachment and you won&#39;t believe what it was yup My Doom people have nothing better to do huh

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    lol seriously i&#39;ve gotten 13+ e-mails with MyDoom Attached i have 12 in my inbox right now

    i&#39;m counting them now...

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    I got seven of them over the course of three days last week. I suspect my name was on a mailing list on a computer that became infected. Luckily Norton AV caught them, although I wouldn&#39;t have opened the attachments anyway.

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    I&#39;ve got around 58 so far containing MyDoom from legitimate people. I am only annoyed for the number of times I had to delete the email.
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