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Thread: Ahhhh ! Why !?!?!?!

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    Okay, so like I tried to post this in the problem thingy but it wouldnt lemme so I put it here... Sorry if it is in the wrong room... So like here is my problem that is driving me MAAADDDDD !!!! So if anyone could tell me anything , it would be very appriciated !!!

    First I dl a movie, in divx form. I then I open vurtual dub, I open the movie. I go to audio and I put full process mode. Then No compression, then conversion to 44100 Hz. Sync to audio is clicked btw. I then save it as a wave file on my desktop.

    I then use my TMPGEnc program. I don't use the Wizard. I go straight to the main program itself. I put the video source to the movie, the audio to the vdub thingy I did. Then I make a source for it to go to.. such as movie cd1. I load the thing, such as vidiocd(NTSCFilm). I then go to settings, I got to advanced, I put it in Fullscreen keep aspect ratio. I put sharpen edge. Click source range, and double click it. I put the source range half bc I always put one half a movie per disc cuz thats all that fits. I then start it, and then when it is completed....

    I go to my EasyVCD I clik VCD 2.0 I clik only burn, and I add the newly completed movie file moviecd1 and I make it.

    Okay then, I go back to TMPGnc, again I skip the Wizard. I put the video cource and audio source the same. Only dif is I put the source as vid cd2. Again I load (videocd(NTSCFilm). Again with the settigns, advanced, full screen aspect, sharpen edge, then I double clik source range, and I got to the second half of the movie so it will record from there, I set it and all that jazz. I start it right after the last frame on the first cd. Then I make it...

    Again I go to my easyvcd, i clik vcd 2.0 i clik burn, and i add the newly completed movie file moviecd2 and make it......

    Now the first disc comes out PERFECT.. audio nsync and everything.. the second disc will start out perfect.. then this squares will appear on screen and then the audio gets CRAZY !!! ALL OUTTA SYNC !!!


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    Boy that was alot of work for you . Here is what I do I use , Avi audio decompressor(loacated in avi2vcd program file) Then I use vdub-mp3-freeze to check for bad frames(video section of vdub(log will be located in "c"))Then I delete the bad frames save the file play it check the sync ,if its is off (most likely where you deleted bad frames) adjust the skew with vdub(audio-interleaving) Recheck the file and lastly convert with tmpgenc. Hope this helps ..good site for video problems good luck..

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    Or, in fact, you can do the whole lot in TMPGEnc in one go - check out for details on how to do this.

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    Sounds like you'd be better off leaving it as avi. I'd rather maintain the DivX/Xvid quality and watch it via my computer with a tv out connection and utilise the excellent sound rendering with the likes of WinDVD or PowerDVD. VCD/SVCD?? thanx!

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    THANK YA'LL SOOOO MUCH FOR ALL THE INFO !!!! I am off to go and try these out !!! And I'll do them right...

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    AHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!! Okay I my attention span is like zero right someone pplleeaassee tell me where to open the c:\badframes.log , step by step... it would be much appriciated... no I am not an idiot I promise ...

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    Okay so like I went to tools, the nto the hex viewer and opened c:\badframes.log , and it shows a buncha stuffs.. so I am guessin this is what i was lookin for....

    If it is.. um.. how am I supposed to understand which are bad and whatnot.. like how do I read it ?

    Oh, then I used my notepad to open it and it makes MUCH more sense now.. it lists them in one row...
    ZOINKS..when use them using the notepad they hav an error finding frame so bak to the hex thing.. so how do I read it ?

    Okay then... some of the frames say error loadin frame when I "go to" it... some don't...why ? Wait did I even open the log right ?

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    yes use note pad . open the bad frames file next to vdub in separate window in the edit section of vdub use the" goto "part to get to the bad frame start at the highest # first . When you get there click on the black right key this will offset to a good frame. Next click on the right yellow key. now goto the beginning of the run of bad frames and do the same but with left black and left yellow.Now select delete.The small run of bad frames will delete . Do this for each section of bad frames till the log is complete.Now select direct stream copy for audio and video. Then "save avi"..Next check the sound sync and compensate with skew (audio interleave area) this part is trial and error for me...then when you view a good file convert with tmpgenc (I prefer to fix the file then convert as conversion takes along time) good luck hope I explained it o. k. ...I use to have a good link for this but it expired Was called king johns guide to bad frames....If anyone finds it post it thanks..

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    Crackedup Posted on 5 March 2003 - 00:30
    Sounds like you'd be better off leaving it as avi. I'd rather maintain the DivX/Xvid quality and watch it via my computer with a tv out connection and utilise the excellent sound rendering with the likes of WinDVD or PowerDVD. VCD/SVCD?? thanx! 
    This would be nice if I could set my laptop up with video out .My kids love watching the movies on tv. While I use my P.C. Would be great to have DVD player that reads AVi's Hear its in the works but cost alot...

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