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Thread: Aim Update

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    I was just asked to update my version AIM, so i did. However, I'm not fond of this new version and I'm going to download the one i had before from

    however, I'm not sure which exact version i had. is there any way i could find out?

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    I just download the windows 98 version. It runs fine on xp as well, plus it works with my dead aim. You can get it from aolsmell's site

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    You might want to try out [url=]Trillian[/u].

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    i have tried trillian. im not really fond of it. i mostly use aim anyway so i would just rather have that.

    is there a way i can find out what version of aim i had before i updated? or can i undo the update?

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    It should say so on the login screen.


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